Tuesday, September 28, 2010

They will do anything

They will do anything to keep their power

They love to wield it around
They love to inflict humiliation and pain
They will lie cheat and steal
This is their time this is their game

They need to be removed
They need to be taken down
But they have their protectors
They have their robo cop clowns

Who will just obey orders
Who will just enforce rules
They're taking the easy way out
And we're the easiest fools

We're the easiest targets
They're not really wrong
According to mindless technicality details
But...they're singin the go along song

We've been betrayed
By many along the way
There are big fish in the sea
But also the smaller have their play

They hurt us out of mere convenience
It's the line of least resistence
They'll swear they all were innocent
Matter of fact it'll be their insistence

It's the lazy and the ignorant
That contribute to the rot of corruption
And nothing would go bad if we would
Just suffer silently

And create no disruption

8:51 am
9:03 am