Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comin knockin down my door

And I will kill all of you
Matter of fact now that I think about it
Maybe I should take you out early
Yeah that is a good idea no doubt about it

All I need is details
About when and where you go
Maybe you're on your road to nowhere
And suddenly a tire blows

And you're layin in a ditch
Thinking Son of a Bitch what gives
I knew I was doin something stupid
But I always thought I'd get to live

No idiot your time is up
How about a typical hunting accident
You know a random shot from somewhere
With no provable source or intent

Except your brains just got to be
Fertilizer for the grass and trees


And even if you do get a specific hard on
For me from whatever dumb ass system you got
In the end you're nuthin but an extension
Of the ruling drooling pigs of corruption

Wallowing in their own slop

11:03 pm

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Pretenders and False Befrienders

By their works
Shall you know them

I know who you are
And I know what you do
And I will tell you to your face
You don't think things through

You don't deal with facts
You do not engage with candor
You imply you lie and then deny
And then go right to smear and slander

Screw your passive aggressiveness
Your shallowness and contempt
Who are you to say reach for truth
When you've never made the attempt

10:39 am
transcribed this time
10:10 am


Sunday, December 19, 2010

You worry too much

How much do you know
How deep does it really go


Islamic Prayer rugs found on the border
Another Border agent shot down
Another barage of bullets
Flying through an American town

Endless sob stories
And no focus on the facts
The Yellow Stream media
Is in on the back attacks

Stashed in a little white house
Some right out in open view
Out back of a local resteraunt
But what's that to me and you

Taking away local jobs
Filling the pockets of the corrupt
As the local police yawn and sit around

Sayin whatta ya mean

What's up

10:29 am
transcribed this time
5:14 pm


I've got a few questions for you

Have you

Are you

Have you swallowed down that razor blade
Have you washed your genitals with lye
Are you finished with your sun tan in the shade
Have you poked that pencil far enough into your eye

Have you dulled away all your pain
Have you wiped away all your regrets
Have you lanced that boil of a brain
Have you aborted baby Jesus yet

Are you through with the afterbirth of death
Do you think if you deficate decorate that plate
Enough with your serville attitude
That the rest of us will swallow your hate

Have you emptied out your bowels
Have you liquified it into ink
Are you serious because you scowel
And like an infected sore

Ooze out what you think

12:10 pm
transcribed this time
5:10 pm


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's Play

All religions are the same
Everybody's a little insane
Everybody except me
Cause I'm smart enough to play

The moral equivolency game


Hamas-icide is necessary
To insure that hatred survives
It's necessary to suicide bomb
In order to stay alive

Pick a side
You gotta do bad to do good
Kill the army soldiers because
They were all from the wrong Ft hood

Wear underwear bombs on Christmas
Because Christ was a jerk anyways
Mohammed was the cool one
Pedophillia was no big deal in those days

How dare South Park Joke
About the true and sacred one
They need an explosion just outside
To return to some 7th century fun

Anwar Al Awlaki is an Imam
That can make his followers
Swoon and faint

He really a guy to die for
He's no psuedo saint

9:50 am
it's too close to call
it's so hard to know
provided that you're brain washed
completely...head to toe
transcribed this time
5:49 pm


It's been a long time

It's been a long time
Since liars have had to pay
For their lies
And deceptive ways

It's been a long time
Since they've shouldered blame
And I don't know if I've seen
A single one with an ounce of shame

It's been a long time
Since I've seen just due
Since I've seen them own up
To what they've done to me and you

They're cheap and parasites
It's all just a game
You don't have to have a limp
To be seen as coming off lame

They've caused great harm
Great injury and death
And some say they won't stop
As long as they're drawing breath

8:19 am
transcribed this time
5:44 pm


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Killing at Falcon Lake

And what is Obama doing
Napolitano Pelosi or Reid
They don't care who gets murdered
They don't care who has to bleed

To get to that cheap labor
To get to those cheap votes
Kidnappings murders and home invasions
Your American rights are a joke

Corruption rules in Mexico
Government or the Drug Cartels
Different names for the same ol game
Here to make our lives a living Hell

And who is it that's selling us out
Every Stinking Illegal Alien supporter
And any idiot who goes along with
Every rotten leftist reporter

9:33 am