Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Comin knockin down my door

And I will kill all of you
Matter of fact now that I think about it
Maybe I should take you out early
Yeah that is a good idea no doubt about it

All I need is details
About when and where you go
Maybe you're on your road to nowhere
And suddenly a tire blows

And you're layin in a ditch
Thinking Son of a Bitch what gives
I knew I was doin something stupid
But I always thought I'd get to live

No idiot your time is up
How about a typical hunting accident
You know a random shot from somewhere
With no provable source or intent

Except your brains just got to be
Fertilizer for the grass and trees


And even if you do get a specific hard on
For me from whatever dumb ass system you got
In the end you're nuthin but an extension
Of the ruling drooling pigs of corruption

Wallowing in their own slop

11:03 pm

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